Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I gues it's time I start writing again. I have been in a funk. MY marrage and I were not getting along. Thank god I have a husband that has known me for long enough not to get to worried. This happens to me every fest season. Just in the past I have been with people I did not care enough about to put in the work so I was able to drop them without to much fuss. This time is different. I have signed papers that say this is my life now and I have a baby and a dog to prove it. ( not to mention a huge rock!!!)
My new job at the faire is so much more stress and work than anthing I have ever done before. I think it's really working out though. Other preformers seem to really dig having one of our own on staff. Makes them feel less used. Knowing I'm going to really tell them what's going on.
Don't get to spend much time with any of my other friends out there but This weekend I'm spending both nights on sight.

Had a sit down with a woman who has been the bain of my summer's for a long time. I know this sounds strange to some of you but I was scared of her. I mean who would not be for thoes of you who know her. Well anyway got that straightened put. So all the better for both of us.

On another note. I am very saddened and dissapointed in all of my readers....Not one single gift was sent to me after I practicly handed you a list. I mean gosh what's a girl have to do to get some stuff????????
Ok I'm going to take advantage of my son's nap time to do some writing on my book. I think I'll write a couple of the first pages in here so you can give me feedback. Except for you Mark. And by the way I don't think my husband will kill you but just to be on the safe side you should lay low. Even I don't have that much power. By the way...YOUR FIRED!

Hope all is well in your world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I have finally gone off the deep end. I have taken this new found glory in myself to a new shopping level. My husbaqnd says I must stop in order to still afford food for my baby.......No not really but it sounds wy better than I have gone online crazy. I found this web site for us "large and in charge" girls and I am hooked. www.torrid.com If you go to thier clearence and pick that you would like to see things by price ohhhhh myyyyyyy gooooooood! What a way to go. some stuff is only .01 that's right only a penny. If any of you feel the need to prove just how much you love me I will be accepting packages from Torrid delivered to my door any time. In shirts I am a size 0 sometimes a 1 if I'm having a fat day. Skip the pants. I mean it's hard enough for you skinny types to find the right pair imagine what a little junk in the trunk does for you. In shoes I am a size 8 and I love the pink beeded belt. Well now that you know how to buy my affection I'll move on.......Let me just stress to you that GIFTS ARE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have been working in the office all of the last two weeks and let me tell you...I can't on the grounds that I may say something about someone who reads this post. ( no not you Mark) I have enough choice words for you...later.

I love my over worked husband for letting me take this time for myself. Not all women are so lucky.

Teresa, My dear cousin. We had a family lunch at her house on Mon. Wow it made me feel like the poor relation you know the one who's home is up on 4 wheels. Or well was up on four wheels before that storm came now one side is held up by thoes big cement bricks. I jest... She could not have put on a more lovely lunch if Martha Stewart herself came over to help out. Thank you very much. Except I do have to say I made the main course and a mean chicken salad it was. "how do you spell moron 'Y O U' " funny!!!!

I am going to bed now. Contrary to what my mind says. I have started to watch the first season of Alias and I am hooked. Real cliff hangers. I only have two episodes to go and I can't wait....

You could all be sick of my life by now. I am reading other blogs and they are not so much stories of the person's life but just stuff. Let me know wich way to go here. If I'm boring you I can and will move on to stories.

How was this Mark? Enough for you???? Only time for one more post before faire...Then we will see what I have to say Monday!

Good Night all. Have a good tommorow.

Shit that was cheesy!!!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I am hot and tired. Yippeeee. This is just the start of many long weekends to come and I couldnt be more excited. Yes it's true someone has rolled away the rock and the people I call friends have slithered, crawled, shuffled and yes some even walked out upright. The time is here again. I have been at this for 15 years and I still love it. The drama, the love, the hate, the laughing and the crying. I have made my best friends and my worst enemies out there. I have had the greatest love and the best kiss. The biggest costume and the first one that bled when it rained. I have been a washing wench and a princess. But I have always been me! I love this place and I love what it has helped me become.
I have to admit that this year when I was helping with the audition process I was guilty of being a vet snob. Two young (14 +15) blond girls from Edina came in to audition. and I thought yeah right like they are going to work out. Well guess what they did and they work thier ass's off. Then I thought about it. I was a 15 year old girl from Minnetonka when Rali Gilchrist brought me out for my first year and look at me now. So more power to the both of them.
I have a change this year I will be helping with staff stuff and I like it. I've met alot of people I should have known before and love some of the staff.
An updat if you read my last post. I went shopping. Yes I found some great clothes. Did you know they alow fat girls to be sexy and sluty now? No more mumu's and poly pants with elastic wastes. I have colors and shirts with fun stuff printed on them and I even had an ice cream cone while shopping and could still fit into it all. I love this. I may be rounder but I'm still the shit! Ok I may have gone to far there but it felt good to say.
I'm going to bed now. My son is with his grandma tonight so I'm going to sleep in. I miss him! Now that he has all of this personality it's harder to leave him. He waved bye to me today from my mom's van. I could have cried. I feel for all of my friends that have to leave them everyday to work. I am so sorry. My cousin Theresa has the same gig as me and we love it. She has a son also.Speaking of it her sister Lisa had a little boy on Jack's 1st birthday. Yeah for her. Ok I'm really going to bed now I'm starting to babble and when you have to type it out it's way more obvious.

P.S. Mark where were you tonight?????????? To good for us???????